Just enjoy the show

I received such a beautiful rush of responses from my friends about my Secret Squirrel post. Every so often I need to be reminded that we all feel unlike ourselves sometimes. Thanksgiving being this past weekend I certainly counted my amazing friends among my many blessings!
Thanksgiving also awarded a chance to take some fun photos. Fall is my favourite season; it’s the only time of year where you can see fireworks in the daylight.

Besides letting my parent’s dog go feral up in the woods, we also checked out a craft show going on at the Old Mill. You know you really are from a small town when you literally have an Old Mill.

I put my National Geographic hat on in order to get this shot. If you only see one pissed-off eagle today, let it be this one.

I hope that everyone had a great long weekend! Now that it is almost Halloween I have swapped out turkey sandwiches for horror movies, and I can’t wait to show off my costume.

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One Response to Just enjoy the show

  1. Janie says:

    Your pictures are so gorgeous Kate! Thank you for sharing. If I may be so bold, I know what I want for Christmas from you and Mike. ;-)

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